Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Catholic Schools Week!  The weather made for a unique Catholic Schools Week this year but we had a lot of fun from Mass and the Carnival on Sunday all the way through the Skate Party on Friday.  The committee did a wonderful job of planning and organizing events and we are grateful for all the parents who stepped in to help throughout the week.  We enjoyed showing off our school and our students’ work at the Open House on Thursday and the special treats throughout the week were appreciated too.

The two days we did not have school due to weather emphasized the part of our mission statement that says we are “a partnership with parents” since the students were under the exclusive care of their parents on those days.  Additionally, in Religion classes we were studying a Unit about the Church and speaking about how each family is a domestic church.  Certainly the ‘missed days’ held many unexpected lessons for all of us.

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