Boo for Boxtops

It’s once again time to clean our your kitchen drawers and pantries – for good!  As you may have heard, the printed ‘Box Top coupons” on packages are being transitioned to electronic credits.  But no worries – we can still submit the ones we’ve cut and will have on hand on our product packages.  But let’s not let them go to waste!  Gather your tops and let’s make this one for the records!

No need to paste the tops that you have to a paper – simply put them in a Ziplocc bag labeled with your GRADE and bring to your classroom teacher by Wednesday, October 30. (November will hold a surprise for the top class!)

In the meantime, you can help LFS earn dollars by downloading the “Box Tops for Education” app from the app store to a smart phone.  There, you can easily set up a profile with your name and an email address, which will allow you to simply take a picture of your receipt and let the app do the work for you. (There’s even the option to add items that may be missed.) Please take a few moments to do this, as it is an easy way to capture valuable monies for our kids!

Any questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact Tonia Dosch or Renae Arnston

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