Winter In-City Bus Service

On Monday, December 2, as a service to school patrons, the Rugby Public School District will begin City Bussing (mornings only) for the winter months, the same as it has done in past years.  The school district offers this service, free of charge, to its in-town students during the winter months.  The City Bus service will run until approximately the end of March, depending upon spring weather conditions.  City Route information is available in the office.

All students riding buses should be properly clothed for extreme winter conditions, wearing winter coats, hats, gloves, and proper footwear.  Parents should check with students of all ages before they leave home to board a rural route or activity bus to be sure that they are prepared for the extreme weather potential that exists every day during this time of year.

Parents of children who ride school buses are reminded that winter weather in North Dakota can create dangerous situations for those students that are unprepared. 

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