Red Ribbon Week


Little Flower School will be observing Red Ribbon Week the week of October 26th.  All students and staff are invited to participate in a week of school spirit to celebrate our choice to be drug free!!!

  • Monday (October 26) – Red Day (wear red to help kick off Red Ribbon Week) – “Proud to be Drug Free”

  • Tuesday (October 27) – Hat Day (wear a hat to school) – “Use Your Head- Don’t Do Drugs”

  • Wednesday (October 28) – Pajama Day (wear your pajamas to school) – “Don’t Be Caught Sleeping, Say NO to Drugs”

  • Thursday (October 29) – Sports Day (wear your favorite sports team or jersey) – “Team Up Against Drugs”

  • Friday (October 30) – Little Flower Day (wear Little Flower great or school colors) – “Our School Chooses to be Drug Free”

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