Miss. Libert’s 3rd and 4th Grade


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November 12-16, 2018


The class will be starting Sitton Spelling. Parents keep an eye out for your child’s spelling folders.

Fourth Graders- Core words they are learning this week are; able, dog, shown, mean, and English. The skill the students will be working is when h follows c, s, t, w, or p, the combination stands for a new sound.

Third Graders- Core words they will be learning this week are; few, those, always, show, and large. The skill the students will be learning is frequent spelling patterns for long a (a, ai, ay, and a-consonant-e).



4th Graders will continue reading Shiloh

3rd Graders will continue reading The Best Halloween Ever.

*Each month students should read two chapter books at home. They then write a one page summary or do a verbal summary to Miss. Libert at school.


4th Graders will be working on Unit 6 Division, Map Reference Frames, and Measure of Angles.

Monday:  6.1 Multiplication and Division

Tuesday:    6.2 Strategies for Division

Wednesday:     6.3 Partial Quotients Division Algorithm

Thursday:        6.4 Expressing & Interpreting Remainders

Friday:       6.5 Rotations and Angles


3rd Graders will Unit 5; Place Values in Whole Numbers and Decimals. Start Unit 6 Geometry Friday.

Monday:      5.9 Tenths and Hundredths of a Meter

Tuesday:      5.11 Place Value in Decimals

Wednesday:   Review for Test

Thursday:     Unit 5 Test

Friday:   6.1 Investigating Line Segments, Rays, and Lines

*Please be studying multiplication facts at home with your child


3rd  Graders will be working on Chapter 11; Actions Verbs and Be.

Monday: Verbs

Tuesday: Action Verbs

Wednesday: The Verb Be

Thursday: Extra Practice

Friday: Daily Oral Language

4th Graders will be working on Chapter 10 & 11. Chapter 11 is about Main Verbs and Helping Verbs.

Monday:  Chapter 10 Extra Practice

Tuesday: Main Verb and Helping Verb

Wednesday:  More About Main Verb and Helping Verb

Thursday: Contractions with Not

Friday: Daily Oral Language


Monday: Continue learning about properties and Oobleck experiment.

Tuesday- Friday: The students will be identifying forces as a push or pull. Friday the students will engineer a paper bridge to see how strong they are able to build it.


*For Social Studies and Science, we will rotate them per quarter, so we can focus on one subjects material at a time (instead of dividing the time between the two each day).



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