Miss Libert’s 3rd and 4th Grade



September 17-21, 2018


4th Graders will be working on words ending in -ed and -ing

3rd Graders will be working on words ending in -s and -es


4th Graders will continue reading Hatchet. (We are on Chapter 9 starting out the week)

3rd Graders will continue reading Charlotte’s Web.

*Each month students should read two chapter books at home. They then write a one page summary or do a verbal summary to Miss. Libert at school.


4th Graders will be working on addition of multidigit numbers, displaying data with graphs,  subtraction of multidigit numbers, review, and test on Thursday on unit 2.

3rd Graders will begin unit 2. The students will be working on fact families, extensions of addition and subtraction facts, “What’s my rule?”, Parts and total number stories, and change number stories.

*Please be studying multiplication facts at home with your child


3rd and 4th grade will be practicing complete and simple predicates, verbs in predicates, combining sentences with compound predicates, extra practice, and review.

Social Studies

This week the class will start Western and Southwestern Region.  (This is our last region!) Test will be Wednesday.

We will be spending time learning about the 5 different regions in the United States (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West). While learning about the regions the students will practice memorizing the 50 states and their capitals.  

 *For Social Studies and Science, we will rotate them per quarter so we can focus on one subjects material at a time (instead of dividing the time between the two each day). 


Students will be learning about being healthy. The first unit focuses on concepts related to promoting good health and preventing disease. Students will learn about the functions of the human body, common health problems of children and when to seek health care. The students will identify healthy practices and behavior.


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