Catholic Schools Week

Sunday, January 26: Faith in our Parish/ CSW Mass at 10:30; Carnival Noon-3pm

Monday, January 27: Faith in our Faculty, Staff & Volunteers/ Sports Day

Tuesday, January 28: Faith in our Families & Friends/ Pajama Day

Wednesday, January 29: Faith in our Community/ Crazy Hair; Open House 5-7pm

Thursday, January 30: Faith in our Nation/ Country vs City; Cookies for a Cause

Friday, January 31: Faith in our Students/School Spirit Day; skate party 12:30-2:30

School Calendar Changes

There have been a few changes to the school calendar.  The following are important dates for the remainder of the school year.

Jan. 20th                                    No School

Feb. 19th                                   Regular School Day

Feb. 21st                                    No School

Feb. 26th                     LFS Academy Day(Ash Wednesday)

March 6th                    No School

March 17th                             P/T Conferences

March 20th                  No School

March 25th                  LFS Academy Day

April 9th, 10th, 13th          No School

April 22nd                    LFS Academy Day

May 7th                        Last Day of Preschool

May 13th                      LFS Picnic / Marathon Awards

May 21st                      Last Day of School

Focusing on Yourself/Mind Your Own Business

  1. Keep your face in your space.
  2. Work quietly on a task.
  3. Keep comments to yourself and ignore distractions.

Working with Others

  1. Identify the task to be completed.
  2. Assign tasks to each person.
  3. Discuss ideas in a calm, quiet voice and let everyone share his or her ideas.
  4. Work on tasks until completed.

Gifts for Baby Jesus

We were visited by the Advent Angel today, she stopped by to collect the gifts we had prepared for Baby Jesus…to be delivered to him on his birthday.

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