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PRAY 3.6.5.

PRAY3.6.5 is a prayer campaign fundraiser for our school.  People are invited to sponsor a day of prayer for a special intention (days can be reserved by contacting Rhonda at 425-2342).  Students and staff pray for these intentions at our weekly assembly throughout the school year and will gather every other week throughout the summer months.  Contact Rhonda for more information about this program.

During the summer of 2020 we will be meeting by Zoom to pray for the Pray 3.6.5. intentions.  Please join us June 2 at 10am at Zoom room 994-339-9536 (same password as last time) to pray for the intentions from the first two weeks in June.

Virtual Tour of Little Flower School

Since we were not able to have an Open House this spring, we wanted to give you a virtual tour of our school.

Click here for the tour

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Thanks for supporting our LFS Marathon!

Thank you to everyone who supported us for our first ever virtual marathon.  We had a great day for it and all of you who helped organize, made donations, participated by walking, biking, and praying made this event a success despite the non-traditional method that needed to be used this year.

Solving Problems POP Method

  1. Identify the Problem to address.
  2. Consider the Options for the situation.
  3. Research the options if possible and weigh the value of each possible outcome.
  4. Make a Plan to follow through with the choice you make.

6th Grade Graduation

Yes, things are a little different this year but our students are excited to graduate nonetheless.  You are invited to a drive-by graduation on Friday, May 15 at 10am.  Students will be outside on the sidewalk by the school and church.  Please drive by to greet and congratulate them.

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