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Coke Rewards

Give Back to Little Flower School with Coca-Cola:

Our school is part of the Coca-Cola Give program. This opens up LFS to new funding opportunities to help improve learning environments for students. The best part? Donations don’t come out of your own pocket. When you make Coca-Cola purchases, you simply enter the product codes here: and our school receives a donation. Help Little Flower School make the most of this program and learn more at

Advent Traditions

During Advent, we light the candles of the Advent wreathe during our weekly assembly as we sing Advent songs and pray together.


Project Joy Shopping

Yes, our 4th graders went shopping today.  Not shopping for themselves but for others who have requested assistance in buying gifts for Christmas this year.  Students at Little Flower School have been collecting donations for the last couple weeks and several parish organizations also made donations to this cause.  When the students went shopping today they had nearly $775 to spend!  Thank you to all who donated time and/or money toward Project Joy.  Advent is a great time of year to learn about giving/sharing and our involvement in Project Joy gives these students an opportunity to practice the works of mercy they have been learning about.


The students collected the following amounts for Project Joy: Kindergarten: $63.07, Grade 1: $20.00, Grade
2: $26.00, Grade 3: $18.00, Grade 4: $26.02, Grade 5: $69.73, Grade 6: $65.60. We also received money
from Coins for Kids: $434.18, Christian Mothers $16.00 and CYO: $36.00 for a grand total of $774.60. Thank
you to all that donated towards Project Joy.

Creative Christmas Collaboration

Only 14 days until Christmas and participants of Little Flower Academy Day spent the day learning through Christmas fun.  There were Christmas trees and gumdrops, beads and bells, lights and cards, reindeer games, legos and even donuts involved in today’s activities.  Students and staff enjoyed the time of collaboration and gained some new insights along the way.  Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped make this day run smoothly.  Seeing young minds in action is truly inspiring!  What better way to prepare for the birth of our Savior than to explore the laws of nature he created and to use our talents to contribute to some wonderfully Creative Christmas Collaborations!  A special thank you to Bremer Bank for treating us to donuts this morning and to our parent helpers today as well as to all who participated in the day – it would not have been the same without you.  May God bless you all!

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The Bells of Gloken

Thank you to all involved in the Little Flower School Christmas program!  It was a wonderful way to spread the Good News and help us all get into the true spirit of preparing for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.  ALL students from preschool through 6th grade presented inspiring and entertaining material including special songs and stories along with “The Bells of Glocken.”

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