Mrs. Mosher’s Announcements

Assignments for Week of 9-16-19


Math – 5th – Math journal pages 20-22

6th – Math journal pages 17A – 17 D

Language  5th Pages 34 – 35 (1-20)

6th – pages 272-273 ( 1-20)

Vocabulary both classes chapter two in Vocabulary workbook to be due on Thursday each week.

Students will exhibit their Native projects at 12:45-1:45 in the lunchroom.


Math   5th – math journal pages 23 – 24

6th – math masters 17A and 17 B

Language  5th pages 36 – 37 (1-30)

6th – pages 274 – 275 (1-20)


Hospital program starts this afternoon 2-3pm

Math  5th – math journal pages 25-27

6th – math journal pages 18 -20

Language  5th pages 38-39 (1-15)

6th – pages 276-277 (1-20)


Math – 5th – Math box and test prep

6th – math master page 19

Language  5th – pages 40 -41 (1-30)

6th – pages 278-279 (1-35)

Friday  5th grade math test




Native American history project due Friday September 13th

Native American Project Rubric

  1. Must have tribe name in the display and be able to correctly pronounce it.
  2. Displays must be made with natural resources only, or items you have on hand. (no purchased items or plastic models) Ask me for items that work well.
  3. Tell where the tribe originated and if they still exist where they mostly are located today. How large is the tribe? Do they still have tribal lands?
  4. What kind of homes did they live in? (display)
  5. Know what resources were available to them for food and shelter.
  6. Did they stay in one place or did they move in the winter?
  7. What kind of clothing did men, women and children wear? (may display)
  8. Name some traditions (at least 2) of the tribe.
  9. What was the language . Display some words and their meaning.  Make sure you can pronounce the words correctly.
  10. Find games that children played – display or at least be able to talk about the game.
  11. How did the tribe govern themselves and keep order.
  12. Have at least five items for your display. (more is better)
  13. Have notes on cards to remind you of key points when you talk about your display. (Your speech should be only 5 minutes long)  Practice it!
  14. Other ideas for things you could display :
  15. Foods
  16. Clothing
  17. Demonstrate native dance
  18. Sing native song
  19. Anything that helps tell about your tribe.
  20. You must write a bibliography of all your resources.
  21. Your Display and speech are worth 150 points.  Do your best!











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