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Schedule for  week of April 15th


Mon – -Writing an essay – all week this week – practice

Tuesday –essay writing

Wednesday –essay writing

Thursday –writing

5th and 6th Moby Max Language- 60 minutes



Monday –

5th – math journal pages 226 – 230

6th – math journals 257 – 259

Tuesday ( state testing)

5th –practice with positive and negative numbers

6th –practice with equations


5th –  math journal pages 233 – 236

6th math journal pages 260 – 262

Thursday( state testing)

5th -math masters – practicing fractions

6th -practice with equations 

Friday – finish state testing



5th – Boys – Jacob’s Orphan a tale set in North Dakota, girls Seekers book 3 of the series

6th – reading Little Women ( three chapters) 

This week journaling on character analysis and conflict in the stories, setting and summarizing and making connections.

(  book talks this week), 

Social Studies 

Starting  World War I unit

Science – 

continuing – Newton’s laws of motion – acceleration, balanced forces, inertia – activities daily to teach concepts



This week during Tuesday’s computer class we will start state language assessment and finish it on Friday.






March: Lent

March  4-8 (p. 31-35)

Grade 5: Time for Change; all activities due Thursday, quiz Friday

Grade 6: Time for Scrutiny; all activities due Thursday, quiz Friday

March 11-29: The Great Adventure Storybook

  • 73 Books of the Bible
  • 14 Narrative Books
  • 12 Time Periods
  • 6 Covenants






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