Music Announcements

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope everyone is doing well and managing through this unique situation as best you can.  Just thought I’d send you some information about music class.

I will now put weekly activities and assignments on the LF Web Page in the Music Announcements, as well as in the packets being picked up at school.  There will be a note for all families to read and then an icon for each grade with the plan for the week.  If the lesson includes a listening activity,  you will see it as either: 1) a You Tube title to look up, or 2) A video or recording that I have made and put in the Music Announcements.  

This week for Holy Week, I have recorded some songs we sing for Children’s Mass and put them onto the Web Page.  I  really miss leading music with the kids at Friday Masses!  The sound quality may not be the greatest (from my desk top computer at home!), so I apologize for that.  Hopefully it will be good enough for the kids to have a little sing-along at home.  The songs include: 1) All That We Have,  2)Pardon Your People,  3) Mountain of God.  There are lyric sheets in the packets from school.

I really miss seeing everyone!  My daughter, Elizabeth, form Bismarck, and her two-year old daughter came to Rugby to “isolate” with us for about two weeks.  They returned home this last week and my house is very quiet now.  I have to put on music and turn the volume up high!  I wish for everyone a Blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter.            Mrs. Mack


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