PRAY 3.6.5

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Use this calendar to see the prayer intentions for each day…you can add them to your calendar too if you wish.

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Please join us in praying for the following intentions as part of our PRAY 3.6.5 campaign:


10/01:  Pray for the parishioners of Little Flower Parish.

10/04:  Pray for the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen on the Feast of St. Francis.

10/07:  Pray for Gannon Deplazes on his birthday.

10/08:  Pray for Kate Heidlebaugh on her birthday.

10/11:  Pray for Steve and Debbie Mears on their wedding anniversary.

10/12:  Pray for Paula Kraft on her birthday.  May God bless her with a growing faith, peace, love, and good health.

10/13:  Pray in memory of Ken Livedalen on the anniversary of his death.  May he rest in the peace of Christ.

10/14:  Pray for Barb and Steve Fritel.

10/15:  Pray for Rick and Joanie Bruggeman on their wedding anniversary.

10/16:  Pray for Chuck and Linda Duchscher on their wedding anniversary.

10/18:  Pray for Ken and Marlene Schann.  That they may have a safe fall trip.

10/19:  Pray for Mike and Karen Christenson on their wedding anniversary.

10/20:  Pray in memory of Roy Laframboise on the anniversary of his death and for peace for his wife, Renee.

10/23:  Pray for Alex Kraft on his birthday.  May God bless him with a growing faith, peace, love, and good health.

10/26:  Pray for the family of Joe and Elna Mack.  May they rest in peace together in heaven.

11/27:  Pray in thanksgiving for Galen Mack on his 60th birthday.  His family is thankful for his love and guidance and ask the Lord to continue to give him guidance in his life.

10/28:  Pray for Lee Ann Hand on her birthday.

10/30:  Pray for Mariann Kraft on her birthday.  May God bless her with a growing faith, peace, love, and good health.


09/01:  Pray for Dallas and Rhonda Morast on their wedding anniversary.

09/02:  Pray for Nick Schmaltz on his birthday.

09/03:  Pray in thanksgiving for John Schaan and may he rest in peace.

09/04:  Pray in loving memory of Grandma Betty Schmacher on the day she entered eternity.

09/05:  Pray for Mikaylee Livedalen on her birthday.

09/06:  Pray for Paul Dobitz on his birthday.

09/07:  Pray for Jaclyn Duchscher on her birthday.

09/08:  Pray for Eric Stevenson on his birthday.

09/09:  Pray for Linda Jirava on her birthday.

09/10:  Pray for Anita May on her birthday.

09/11:  Pray for Bryceton Deplazes on his birthday.

09/12:  Pray for Joe Schell and his family on his birthday.

09/18:  Pray for Jacob Blessum on his birthday.

09/25:  Pray for families, marriages, and the spreading of faith.

09/30:  Pray for Maurus and Sandy Brossart on their wedding anniversary.


08/03:  Pray for Chris Brossart on his birthday.

08/04:  Pray for the Priests of the Diocese of Fargo.

08/07:  Pray for Bradley Heidlebaugh on his birthday.

08/11:  Pray in memory of Betty Schumacher.  May she rest in the peace of Christ.

08/12:  Pray for Peyton Livedalen on his birthday.

08/13:  Pray in thanksgiving for Theresa Schaan and may she rest in peace.

08/14:  Pray for Laurie Odden and her family on her birthday.

08/15:  Pray for protection of our Christian nation on the Assumption of Mary.

08/23:  Pray for blessings of a good school year and faithful learning at Little Flower School.

08/28:  Pray for the students and staff at Little Flower School as they begin a new school year.

08/30:  Pray for Christ Jaeger on his birthday.

08/31:  Pray for Shane Livedalen on his birthday.


07/02:  Pray in thanksgiving for Vera Halvorson and the blessing that her adoption is to the Josh and Shannon Halvorson family.

07/04:  Pray for respect for all authority and guidance to our leaders.

07/05:  Pray for Phillip and Lisa Volk on their anniversary.

07/10:  Pray in remembrance of Bonnie Livedalen on the anniversary of her death.  May she rest in the peace of Christ.

07/14:  Pray in thanksgiving to our ancestors for sharing their faith in celebration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish’s 100 yr. centennial.

07/15:  Pray in thanksgiving for the life of Leonard Deplazes, father of Anthony, grandfather of Randy, great-grandfather of Bryceton, Lacie, Gannon and Hadlie.  May his soul rest in the peace of Christ.

07/16:  Pray for Marie Ann Malo on her 90th birthday.

07/19:  Pray for Mike and Laura Swanson on their 34th wedding anniversary.

07/20:  Pray for Betty Burgard on her birthday.

07/22:  Pray for Deacon Rick and Denise Lagasse on their anniversary.

07/23:  Pray in thanksgiving for the life and love of Jane Vik.  May she receive many blessings on her birthday.

07/30:  Pray in memory of William May Jr. on the anniversary of his death.


06/02: Pray for Bernice and Cletus on their 50th wedding anniversary.

06/05: Pray for Royanne Livedalen on her birthday.

06/08: Pray for Colten and Jessica Lee on their wedding day.

06/09:  Pray for Larry & Paula Kraft on their anniversary.

06/10:  Pray for Elizabeth and Nathan Blessum on their 14th wedding anniversary.

06/11:  Pray for Michael Lagasse on his birthday.

06/13:  Pray for Madison Thompson on her birthday.

06/14:  Pray in memory of Joseph and Margaret Brossart on their wedding anniversary.

06/15:  Pray for Duane and Louann Dobitz on their wedding anniversary.

06/16:  Pray that all father’s will lead their families in faith.

06/17:  Pray for Andrew Duchscher on his birthday.

06/19:  Pray for Duane Schell and his family on his birthday.

06/21:  Pray for Bob and Brenda Mitzel on their wedding anniversary.

06/23:  Pray for Betty Burgard and the late Tom Burgard on their wedding anniversary.

06/28:  Pray for Beric Brossart on his birthday.

06/29:  Pray for Anita May and the late William May Jr. on the anniversary of their wedding.

06/30:  Pray for Beth Schmaltz on her birthday.



05/01: Pray in thanksgiving for the life of Torgeir Vik. May his soul
rest in the peace of Christ.
05/03: Pray for Braden Brossart on his birthday.
05/04: Pray for Monica Grove on her birthday.
05/05: Pray for the late Tom Burgard on his birth date.

05/06:  Pray for Parker Schaan.  That the Lord bless him on his

Conformation and for the Holy Spirit to remain with him forever.  May
God’s work be done through him.
05/07: Pray for Kim Anderson, that God’s blessings and love may
shower upon her.
05/08: Pray in loving memory of Grandpa Syl Schumacher on his
05/09:  Pray for David Kraft on his birthday.
05/10: Pray for Collin Kraft on his birthday, may God bless him with a growing faith, guide him as he graduates, and that he may have peace and good health.
05/11: Pray for Shea Heidlebaugh on her birthday.
05/15: Pray for Brain Blessum and his family during his birthday
05/16: Pray for Kris Blessum on her birthday.
05/17: Pray for Brian Blessum during his birthday week.
05/18: Pray for Casper Volk on his birthday.
05/19: Pray in memory of William May Jr. on his birth date.
05/20:  Pray for Ron Kramer on his birthday.
05/21: Pray for Alan Blessum and his family during his birthday month.
05/22: Pray for Kelly Swanson on her birthday.
05/23: Pray for Charlotte Blessum on her birthday.
05/25: Pray in memory of Edward Ganje, may his soul rest in peace.
05/26: Pray for Brian and Sue Blessum on their wedding anniversary.
 05/28: Pray for John and Diane Peyerl on their wedding anniversary.
05/29: Pray for Gary and Susan Johnson on their wedding anniversary.
05/31: Pray for Shane and Rhonda Livedalen on their anniversary, that their marriage remains strong and they have strength, patience, and God’s guidance as they build a home for their family.

04/01:  Pray for Kim Anderson on her birthday.
04/04: Pray for Sister Jean Louise
04/10: Pray for Lauren Kraft on her birthday.  May God guide and bless
her with peace, love, good health, and a growing faith.
04/11: Pray for Loretta Richard, that God may bless her and all that
she does.
04/13: Pray for Jack Swanson on his birthday.
04/14: Pray for Fr. Ross Laframboise on his birthday.
04/16: Pray for Rena Bruggeman on her birthday.
04/17: Pray for Roxan Mulloy on her birthday.
04/20: Pray for Jessa Dosch on her 5th birthday.
04/21: Pray that Dale and Kris Wangler’s children and their families
have a Blessed Easter.
04/22: Pray for Anna Kramer on her birthday.
04/24: Pray for James and Bernice Selensky, that God’s blessings may
be upon them.
04/28: Pray in thanksgiving for Renee Laframboise on her birthday. That God may continue to bless her and make his presence felt.
04/30: Pray for John Peyerl on his birthday.


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