PRAY 3.6.5

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Please join us in praying for the following intentions as part of our PRAY 3.6.5 campaign:


06/02: Pray for Bernice and Cletus on their 50th wedding anniversary.

06/05: Pray for Royanne Livedalen on her birthday.

06/08: Pray for Colten and Jessica Lee on their wedding day.

06/09:  Pray for Larry & Paula Kraft on their anniversary.

06/10:  Pray for Elizabeth and Nathan Blessum on their 14th wedding anniversary.

06/11:  Pray for Michael Lagasse on his birthday.

06/13:  Pray for Madison Thompson on her birthday.

06/14:  Pray in memory of Joseph and Margaret Brossart on their wedding anniversary.

06/15:  Pray for Duane and Louann Dobitz on their wedding anniversary.

06/16:  Pray that all father’s will lead their families in faith.

06/17:  Pray for Andrew Duchscher on his birthday.

06/19:  Pray for Duane Schell and his family on his birthday.

06/21:  Pray for Bob and Brenda Mitzel on their wedding anniversary.

06/23:  Pray for Betty Burgard and the late Tom Burgard on their wedding anniversary.

06/28:  Pray for Beric Brossart on his birthday.

06/29:  Pray for Anita May and the late William May Jr. on the anniversary of their wedding.

06/30:  Pray for Beth Schmaltz on her birthday.



05/01: Pray in thanksgiving for the life of Torgeir Vik. May his soul
rest in the peace of Christ.
05/03: Pray for Braden Brossart on his birthday.
05/04: Pray for Monica Grove on her birthday.
05/05: Pray for the late Tom Burgard on his birth date.

05/06:  Pray for Parker Schaan.  That the Lord bless him on his

Conformation and for the Holy Spirit to remain with him forever.  May
God’s work be done through him.
05/07: Pray for Kim Anderson, that God’s blessings and love may
shower upon her.
05/08: Pray in loving memory of Grandpa Syl Schumacher on his
05/09:  Pray for David Kraft on his birthday.
05/10: Pray for Collin Kraft on his birthday, may God bless him with a growing faith, guide him as he graduates, and that he may have peace and good health.
05/11: Pray for Shea Heidlebaugh on her birthday.
05/15: Pray for Brain Blessum and his family during his birthday
05/16: Pray for Kris Blessum on her birthday.
05/17: Pray for Brian Blessum during his birthday week.
05/18: Pray for Casper Volk on his birthday.
05/19: Pray in memory of William May Jr. on his birth date.
05/20:  Pray for Ron Kramer on his birthday.
05/21: Pray for Alan Blessum and his family during his birthday month.
05/22: Pray for Kelly Swanson on her birthday.
05/23: Pray for Charlotte Blessum on her birthday.
05/25: Pray in memory of Edward Ganje, may his soul rest in peace.
05/26: Pray for Brian and Sue Blessum on their wedding anniversary.
 05/28: Pray for John and Diane Peyerl on their wedding anniversary.
05/29: Pray for Gary and Susan Johnson on their wedding anniversary.
05/31: Pray for Shane and Rhonda Livedalen on their anniversary, that their marriage remains strong and they have strength, patience, and God’s guidance as they build a home for their family.

04/01:  Pray for Kim Anderson on her birthday.
04/04: Pray for Sister Jean Louise
04/10: Pray for Lauren Kraft on her birthday.  May God guide and bless
her with peace, love, good health, and a growing faith.
04/11: Pray for Loretta Richard, that God may bless her and all that
she does.
04/13: Pray for Jack Swanson on his birthday.
04/14: Pray for Fr. Ross Laframboise on his birthday.
04/16: Pray for Rena Bruggeman on her birthday.
04/17: Pray for Roxan Mulloy on her birthday.
04/20: Pray for Jessa Dosch on her 5th birthday.
04/21: Pray that Dale and Kris Wangler’s children and their families
have a Blessed Easter.
04/22: Pray for Anna Kramer on her birthday.
04/24: Pray for James and Bernice Selensky, that God’s blessings may
be upon them.
04/28: Pray in thanksgiving for Renee Laframboise on her birthday. That God may continue to bless her and make his presence felt.
04/30: Pray for John Peyerl on his birthday.


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